In November 2000, Dr. Thomas Saari, with the Wisconsin Council on Immunization Practices, and Dr. Ray Strikas, with the Centers for Disease Control, conducted the first immunization symposium which included an Immunization update. A guest speaker from Milwaukee Health Department, Rob Chalhoub, talked about the immunization coalition he was involved in and ways to get a coalition started.

The purpose of the symposium was to get immunization information to health care providers and to launch the immunization coalition, NEWIC. Diane Cappozzo from Fond du Lac County Health Department and Kathleen Sprangers from the City of Appleton Health Department worked with various individuals such as state immunization program staff, vaccine manufacturers, and local health care providers to get the symposium and coalition idea off the ground.

At the symposium, surveys were taken and individuals were given the opportunity to be members of this newly forming immunization coalition. Through these surveys it was learned that there was a great interest in starting a local coalition. Multiple meetings took place in order to form goals and objectives as well as the coalition’s name, NEWIC. After several meetings, a board was formed. It was comprised of both local public and private providers. Soon after, NEWIC developed By-Laws and Articles of Incorporation to form a 501(c)3 tax-exempt status. NEWIC could now have its own budget and provide creative outreach venues to help educate families and providers.

Since the beginning, NEWIC has provided the community with resources such as immunization symposiums, school nurse in-services on vaccinations, and Immunization Tool Kits to physician offices. NEWIC has also done media outreach to both vaccine providers and consumers. As an advocate for vaccination, NEWIC also supports legislation for better immunization funding.

The symposiums and regular meetings have provided an opportunity for members to network so they can learn what other providers are doing and to share vaccination related concerns within the provider community. Our coalition, NEWIC, strives to be the best local community resource for immunization information.

Vision and Mission Statement

The vision of NEWIC is to eliminate vaccine preventable diseases through 100% immunization rate and to establish a network of providers and consumers who share the common interest of increasing immunization levels in our communities.


  • Advocate the use of a statewide immunization registry tracking system
  • Remove barriers to immunization
  • Educate Consumers
  • Coordinate public and private efforts in our region with those at the state and national level


NEWIC is comprised of nurses, physicians, pharmaceutical representatives, pharmacists, CMA's, and members of our communities who share the common interest of increasing immunization levels in our communities.